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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Coaching? Is it like therapy?
I am not a therapist. I cannot diagnose mental conditions or prescribe medications. I work with my clients from the present forward. A coach is someone who helps a client make progress toward their goals through affirmation, educated counsel, utilization of helpful tools/methodologies, and support. Each of you is unique, and as such I work with you to create the best possible path forward for you, your situation, and your desired outcome. There is no set blueprint...we work together to build a strategy that fits you as an individual. The goal of a coach is to move you from where you are NOW to the place you deserve to be - a place of success, peace, and wellbeing.
Why grief? What does this mean?
Most of us associate grief with the loss a loved one. However, there are MANY types of grief, and all of them can potentially alter your mental state, internal dialogue, and ability to move forward in life. We in the LGBTQ+ community experience forms of grief that others may not fully understand, all of which are legitimate and substantial losses that often go unaddressed:

- Grieving a lost childhood
- Grieving the loss of family after coming out
- Grieving a loss of community/lack of belonging
- Grief over having to conform to survive

- Grieving society's reaction to our existence

Unfortunately, the list goes on. All of these events can impact our development in negative ways, and it is my goal to help you get through your grief so that you can not only heal, but eventually embrace the success and peace that you deserve. 
Can you explain "mindset"?
You know all of the routines we fall into as we become adults? Work, family obligations, chores, etc? Well, after a while many of us start to focus ONLY on those things, on improving just those things. We stop looking at the possibilities, not because we lose our imagination, but because we forget that it is there. We become a bit more "rigid" in what we believe is possible. Shifting our perspective, or "mindset," becomes more and more difficult. This makes it more difficult to enact the change necessary to get to where we want to be. Whenever possible, I help my clients view things from a different perspective. Sometimes all it takes is someone viewing things from the outside to help you see just how much potential is still there, just waiting for you to act. When you are able to once again see all that is possible, you are able to move toward those amazing possibilities.
Do you only work with LGBTQ+ people?
Though my coaching services are designed to uplift and empower the LGBTQ+ Community, our allies are always welcome. This probably goes without saying, but in order to best serve my community any client who uses transphobic, homophobic, racist, or ableist speech will be immediately terminated as a client. 
Other questions? Email me!
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